WHo we are

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The Spirit of Curiosity, Complexity, Creativity, Courage and Change.


The word comes from the Latin word 'Instituere' meaning Build, Create, Raise, or Educate.   

Our Vision

Connected hearts,minds and hands in a united and thriving nation.

Our Values

We value: Love      
We value: Courage
We value: Creativity
We value: Being Connected

Our Purpose

The Raven Institute hosts a gathering space to connect hearts, minds and hands.  

Rooted in indigenous ways of knowing and being, contributing to the development of humans, organizational systems, and community.

The Raven Institute is a learning, reconciliation, resilience, healing, gathering place and space that weaves in traditional Indigenous practices and worldview.

We are bringing together the individual and collective leadership needed to shape a better world; the kind of leadership that draws upon wise indigenous practices and creative modern day approaches that we need to realize the potential of our times.